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Released September 17th, 2013


released September 17, 2013

Recorded August, 2013 by Matt Svendsen in Portland, OR
Guitars, vocals, recording, artwork, and all songs by Matt Svendsen
Special thanks to: Anna, Kieran, mom, dad, Carmel, Valerie, Shauna, and Vlad for all their support!



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Poisoned Candy Records Portland, Oregon

Poisoned Candy Records began in 2000 as a way to syndicate some of the projects I was working on at the time. I was living in Missoula, MT and played music in a few different bands. I put out a handful of releases, did extensive touring throughout the United States, Canada, and Europe. In 2006 I moved to Portland and started Squalora, and am now working on new BLEEDING TONGUES recordings. ... more

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Track Name: Bleeding Tongues - First Words
from her first words it was manifest
passion for life so eloquently conveyed
she becomes smarter and stronger
as we get older and sharper
with every passing every day.
the future is a jagged puzzle
of unmatching pieces
such a curious dilemma
wishing for them to fit.
and the deepest, most painful regrets
that we’ve grown to forget
return with a hope that
we can make up for what we lost.
this overwhelming silence records her breath
these old worn pillows record our dreams
so clear in our slices of sleep
the pictures don't turn out
but we'll search all our lives.
(for my daughter Kieran and her mother Anna)
Track Name: Bleeding Tongues - The Art Of Killing Dreams
your rhetoric is obsolete
too oblivious to admit defeat
just the same, we’re gonna
kill all of your dreams.
its time i sharpen my tongue
and stab you with the unavoidable truth
this crusade of yours is based on fear.
and you didn't bury your victims deep enough.
to believe in your conceited lie
is to feed poison to one's mind
you're a vanguardist hypocrite
and this cop-out will be your demise.
if one were to skim our resumes
a subtle yet serious contrast
might go unnoticed.
you hand your heart over to authority
in a cheap attempt
to clear yourself of responsibility.
but equality is void in the absence of liberty.
those who thrive on uncurbed power
must someday die of starvation.
there are no profits to be made
in the business of anarchy,
only a better future.
Track Name: Bleeding Tongues - Scenester Antiseptic
welcome to this ironic
elitist social clique
call me jaded but I'm
simply sick of this shit.
rewarded for repetition of
ingenuine, cliché slogans.
action is imperative but
you're just here to get laid.
I'd rather go back to
fist fights with rednecks.
at least back then it was
clear who my enemies were.
our scene is now a
game show of popularity.
and i'm pleading for
some sign of sincerity.
insipid spiteful intentions
and a heart made of shit
these actions are flacid and
that bullet belt is full of blanks.
these are the rituals of true pop culture
self absorbent self propagated hype
is like a flat tire on your fixed gear bike
i'm glad i'll never be cool enough
to meet your fucked up standards.
Track Name: Bleeding Tongues - A Predisposition For Self Destruction
our species has the know-how,
the resources and materials
we need to build machines
and necessary institutions
to provide everyone on earth
with food, shelter, healthcare,
clothing and education.
the only thing we lack is the will.
the prognosis is quite simple
the one ingredient is greed
implemented by the corruption
that capitalism breeds.
now our country marches
on towards a police state.
the national defense act slides in
on a wave of distrust and hate.
this is what our
species has to offer
a hierarchy of
repression and murder.
Track Name: Bleeding Tongues - Hope Lexicon
some call it extinction;
i call it execution!
we must say with them:
"hope is our profession"!*
if they are to succeed or even survive
i fear they will need to grow some wings
to escape the damage of neo-liberal betrayal.
when we sleep at night their dead dream with us.
generations of indigenous
families are forcefully evicted.
their life, culture and dignity
still on the verge of destruction.
some call it extinction;
i call it execution!
we must stand up with them,
we must say with them:
“everything for everyone,
for ourselves nothing!"*
if they are to succeed or even survive
i fear they will need to grow some wings.
when we sleep at night
their dead dream with us.
(* Quotes by Marcos, EZLN)