Veins Of Oil


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Poisoned Candy Records (PCR 030)


released May 12, 2013

Bleeding Tongues:
Matt Svendsen - All instruments, vocals, artwork, recording, etc.



all rights reserved


Poisoned Candy Records Portland, Oregon

Poisoned Candy Records began in 2000 as a way to syndicate some of the projects I was working on at the time. I was living in Missoula, MT and played music in a few different bands. I put out a handful of releases, did extensive touring throughout the United States, Canada, and Europe. In 2006 I moved to Portland and started Squalora, and am now working on new BLEEDING TONGUES recordings. ... more

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Track Name: Bleeding Tongues - Veins Of Oil
it's a serious addiction
always seem to need a fix
true motives so carefully concealed
playing the terrorist card again
the thirst is never satisfied
it's transfusion time.
we'll bomb your fucking country
just so we can get high
choking straight to our deaths
on our own carbon monoxide
and the thirst is never satisfied
it's transfusion time.
shaking bloody hands
with fellow murderers
is not the slightest problem
as long as we acquire
our precious black oil
for the needed injection.
the thirst is never satisfied.
-Lyrics by Matt Svendsen
Track Name: Bleeding Tongues - Hello To Oblivion
immaculate conception in your brain,
label yourself insane.
where is your cure?
label yourself so pure.
how about insecure?
how about obscure?
your life is an abstract blur.
like sweet dragon-tails of fire,
a truth you must inspire.
because to feed that perpetual lie…
such solutions are problems in disguise,
adding to that fucking fire.
these lives are covered
with a painting different from all others.
their delicacy: a grey old photo
of crimson lips arguing over a death.
let's spend our entire lives
contemplating our own demise.
what a painful eulogy.
never in our lives have we
owed ourselves such a great apology.
the furnished sin
brought out through our lives
is a symbol of endurance
against religious hierarchy.
goodbye to the liars, hello to the truth.
now we shake hands with the fucking bloody…
and say hello to oblivion.
when i am asked if i believe in god,
i reply "no, and it's for his own good".
-Lyrics by Matt Svendsen